What is the deffintion for expository text

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Expository means that some information is being explained in a logical way.

This is different from a narrative text which tells a story.


I have a True GDM-10 fridge in my garage that I use to ferment beer (note: free beer if you can answer my question!). The fridge works flawlessly under normal circumstances and keeps a constant 30-35 degree temp for a seemingly infinite period of time. For fermentation, I need the temp to be higher than that (normally between 50 and 68) and tightly controlled. I use an external Ranco temperature controller to do this. I've tried it two ways: first, by plugging the Ranco into the wall and the True power plug into the Ranco. When the temperature inside the True fridge raises above the setpoint, the Ranco sends power to the fridge until it cools down to the target temp, at which time the power is shut off. I've also tried it by wiring the Ranco in place of the True's temperature control knob (under the theory that this would be less harsh on the fridge than constant power switching). I have the same result with both approaches: it keeps the set temp for a few days, then the compressor stops engaging and the temp rises uncontrollably. This is often solved by unplugging the fridge for a few moments and then plugging it back in. So, for some reason, the True fridge doesn't like to operate at this temperature range and freaks out after a few days. I noticed that the True has some sort of compressor/defrost timer (it doesn't turn the compressor on non-stop until the setpoint is reached) and maybe the modification or bypass of this timer is what I need? Any suggestions would be appreciated. I've used the Ranco on other freezers and fridges, and the True is the only one I've had a problem with. I love this fridge and would hate to see it go! -Eric The problem is that