No cable signal

ABC NBC and CBS can be viewed, but suddenly there are no cable channelson my VE 1020. Removed the set and hooked it up with another known good cable hookup, same problem. The cable signal stopped suddenly on the VE1020, but reception of all channels up to 99 is perfect with all other tv's in home. This TV had an extended warranty, which expired in March. Seems pretty crummy for a $750 undercounter little TV. Is there a fix, or am I supposed to be content that I can get the "air channels" and just live with it?

Somewhere in the tv's menu (or a button on the tv or remote) there should be a way to change the tuner setting from antenna to cable. you may have to make the tv run through autotune. a switch or button may be on the back of the set, close to the
cable connector.