Where can I learn advanced spiritual development strategies?

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See progrming isn`t difficult b it in C or C++ or java.... Al u need to knw is first d syntax of d language u r using(for example Syntax of printing a line...), den acquire d knowledge f d standrd compilrs 4 d language(Eg gcc 4 ansi C n turbo c for C)... On my part i wud say start up wid C den procid to java n C++ n VB n stuffs....dere r many buks 4 basics in C available...

If you are really interested in knowing this spiritual knowledge then one of the best academies that I know according to my knowledge is Hermetic School, This academy helps you to learn spiritual development and strategies.

This academy is famous to develop mental faculties, to understand the meaning of existence, to be connected to the spiritual light, as well as to build an intimate and lasting relationship with the creator and owner of the universe. You can see mystik to learn spiritual development.

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There are many sites that will provide you the basic knowledge about the Western mystery. But if you are really interested in Studying Western Culture then according to me the best site for learning this is hermetik, this provides the right knowledge about western culture through video lecture.

Actually, Hermetic Academy is a Mystery School that Focus on providing knowledge about Spiritual, life, *****, ghost, god and many more.