Rx not working - Motorola T5000 Two Pack 2-Way Radios with 5 Mile Range


i have the 4 T5000 2way radios and want to use a Baofeng UV-8D to communicate to the T5000 but all i can do is talk from the T5000 to the Baofeng but cannot talk from the Baofeng to the T5000. how do i fix this problem?

You need to check the programming of your Frequency, interference Code eliminator and Qt filter, if any. All must match one another for the radios to communicate. You have posted under the T5000 heading, here is a link to the nearest numbered user guide. http://www.giantintl.com/RadioPDFs/Outdated%20Manuals/T5XxX_User_Manual_E.pdf

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