Power board price.

Hi Benimur,
with reference of premium...

Customer wants to repair the unit in just 4.00 and doesn't want to spend money to buy new board which cost almost $90

You did a lot research to provide helpful info to user and I appreciate your technical knowledge.

I was involved in tech debate and couldn't saw your message regarding board part number. I'm sorry for that negligence.

Have nice time.

Hi welcomejee,

The 6 or now the 4 are just numbers for us. Its the challenge, the chance to prove oneself is right.

With what happened, you could see all the others were shying away and staying at the sidelines.

Now if only we could find a schematic of an LG/Zenith monitor or LCD TV that uses the same PSU/Inverter board, that would be the icing on the cake.

Cheers and appreciate much the kind words.