I have a UVB Lamp for my bearded dragon. I thought the lamp needed replacing which I have done. The lamp still does not work so I though maybe the philips S10 ecoclick starter maybe at fault. Do these have a life expectancy? Thanks

Hello ja-stead,
EVERYTHING has a life expectancy but that starter may or may not be your problem. If possible, can you take your light fixture to a local pet store to see if they will allow you to try the lamp with the old bulb and new bulb in order to determine if the starter is the problem? You may have some other issue like the switch or wiring to it that is causing the bulb to not illuminate. If you want to 'shotgun' the repair by swapping out components such as the starter, that will eventually lead you to the solution but you may be throwing good money after bad. I am sure that most pet stores will allow you to test it since if it turns out to be the fixture, they will get a sale out of it.. Give it a shot..