I just bought a pair of Cobra Micro Talk CX110 two-way radios. I am unable to hear anything on them except the beeps when I power them on, adjust the volumes, and or change the frequency channel. Coul

CX 110


If the desktop charger is the version that can accommodate two radios simultaneously similar to the T5000, then the AC wall adapter or the power supply is 9 volts AC.

Hope this be of initial help/idea. Pls post back how things turned up or should you need additional information.

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Sorry. The MHz of your radio cannot be changed. And there are no "private" frequencies available for use. However, your radio is equipped with this in mind.

There are 22 frequencies built into the T5500, along with 38 Interference Eliminator Codes. The two combined offer you over 836 choices to avoid other people. And if this is not sufficient, they also have the capability Qt filtering.


Page 19: Interference Eliminator Codes
Page 21-22: Qt Filter

check this link at page 21 or see below

CTCSS PRIVACY CODES FREQUENCY CHART (Hz) Code Freq. Code Freq. Code Freq. Code Freq. Code Freq. 1 67.0 9 91.5 17 118.8 25 156.7 33 210.7 2 71.9 10 94.8 18 123.0 26 162.2 34 218.1 3 74.4 11 97.4 19 127.3 27 167.9 35 225.7 4 77.0 12 100.0 20 131.8 28 173.8 36 233.6 5 79.7 13 103.5 21 136.5 29 179.9 37 241.8 6 82.5 14 107.2 22 141.3 30 186.2 38 250.3 7 85.4 15 110.9 23 146.2 31 192.8 8 88.5 16 114.8 24 151.4 32 203.5 * Channel 8,9 and 10 are designated Canadian Marine Frequencies * Channels 8~14 are low-power FRS license free channels Note: Privacy codes can be programmed for use on Channels 1~22 only

Have you checked the QT filter? The T5950 have an addtional interference filter called the QT filter. It filters out other radios and allows Motorola radios to speak only to other Motorola radios with the filter. Check the QT setting on both radios by pushing the menu button 6 times, the QT setting will show. If it shows a straight line on the display the filter is not on. Now push the + button (beside the menu button), to turn the QT filter on (a Y will show on the screen when on) or the - button to turn it off (the line will show when filter is off). The radios have to match all channels and all filters to talk to each other.

I have two Cobra HH-35 WX units available. They are reconditioned, still in the box, and tested but never used. Will sell for both for $30.00 plus 8.98 Priority Mail Shipping. You will have in 2-3 days.

Hi Javier,

Firstly, have you put fresh batteries into your radio (TOY)?

If so, what area do you live in? Is it within a built-up area or in a rural area?

Do you live in an area that is hilly, mountainous or has tall bulidings around your location?

I ask these questions, because it matters.

these radios like some proper 2-ways work on a LINE-OF-Sight basis, that means simply, as long as there are no obstructions between you and the person(s) you are trying to contact, the signal should work, but distance is a factor in rural areas.

Reply with answers to my questions, so I can find a solution for you.