How to wire ceiling fans

I have a hampton bay ceiling fan with a light attachment. The fan stopped working after 21 years . The light still works fine. I removed the light fixture and notice a yellow wire burned and pulled away from the upper 9 wire connector. Can this connector be replaced or can I just connect the two yellow wires separately from the 9 port connector.

Sounds like it to me that the netual is not there.

I have a Hampton Bay # 549HRL and the light won't work it dosen't have a normal starter for the light could it be the remote control but the fan and every thing else works fine please help thank you

Black from the ceiling goes to black from the fan
White from the ceiling goes to white from the fan
Red from the ceiling goes to blue on the fan...if you don’t have a red, connect the blue wire to the black from the ceiling.

The blue is power to the light kit, and sometimes has a separate wall switch, hence the different color. If not, you control the complete power to the fan with the single wall switch (black and white wires) and then control the fan/light with the pull chains

ok lori connect the fan wires like this-----white from fan to both white wires---blue from fan to red---black from fan to both black wires then copper wires to a ground.let me know.

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the frd/reverse switch is faulty