How can I convert Ricoh development counter to pages

The counter is set to count developments(color & b/w). I would like to convert the development numbers to pages.

Hi there the smudges are most likely down to the black PCU (Drum Unit) and following are the reasons for the two fault caode you have given me.

SC 261 LD HP sensor
not switched
off (for K only)
After the laser beam pitch was
changed, it takes more than
five seconds for the HP sensor
to switch off.
• Defective motor
• Defective sensor
• Mechanical problem
when switching the
• Brown fuse (FU81) on
the Power supply unit
1. Turn the main switch off and on.
2. Check the sensor actuator position of
the LD positioning motor.
3. Replace the LD positioning motor.
4. Replace the LD home position
5. Check and/or replace the PSU.

SC 380 Black
motor error
SC 381 Color
motor error
When the motor speed is
within the target level, the
motor sends a lock signal
(High to Low at CN214-5) to
the BCU.
SC380 is detected under the
following conditions:
• The Lock signal stays High
2 seconds after the motor
turns on.
• The Lock signal stays Low 2
seconds after the motor
turns off.
• The Lock signal stays High
for more than 2 seconds
while the motor is on.
• Defective motor
• Defective BCU
1. Turn the main switch off and on.
2. Replace the motor.
3. Replace the BCU.

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Try cleaning the blade(by rubbing a piece of paper between the drum and the blade) ,also clean the charge roller(black rubber roller) with a soft clean cloth.If all else fails replace the black drum unit(It's life is 60k)

Best thing to do is contact Ricoh Services and Support (1-800-432-9787) for service. A Ricoh Tech/Engineer would need to go into Special Service to change the Accounting type preferences, as end-users shouldn't have access to this Special Service function. Additionally, once this change has been made, you cannot revert back; you can only change this setting once.

Check the glass **** next to the area you slid the developer unit into. Chances are it is half covered with toner.

Are you a tech? I suspect not. You need to remove the drum unit, disassemble, separate the drum from the development unit. Remove cover of developer unit, add developer, reassemble, and run SP2214 to calibrate.
This is NOT a procedure to be performed by an end disrespect intended.

Enter service mode, Counting method SP5-045-001 Specifies if the counting method used in meter charge mode is based on developments or prints. "0" change to 1. -Carl

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SC441 error means that one or more of the developer unit(PCU) is malfuntioning or not rotating. Take out the PCU out to see which color is not rotating. There maybe one of the doctor blade is flipped, usually caused by lack of toner in the PCU.

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