Color not sharp

I just bought a used 53" Samsung on a stand, flat screen and the color is really dull.  I have tried several times to adjust.  The color is just dull.  It only has a red and green tint and the red seems to domintate.  Any help?  Can it be fixed?  Thank you.

This sounds like you have a convergence problem with TV. This is not something you can rectify yourself easily. You need to know the convergence procedure to set it correctly. You need to call a service technician who can complete this procedure for you. He/she can also flash focus for you.

Display Panel faults:
Vertical (source) faults are usually within the actual panel (Lines/Bands down Picture)
Horizontal (gate) faults are unually within the actual panel (Bands/Lines across the screen)
Better take it to a service station to check it.

Check this
Bad connections or bad component in video amplifier or on CRT neck board for that color.

Fault in chroma decoder.

Weak gun in CRT (reduced color).