Won't print text

Hi, My P707 will not print any text either from a word doc or from a web page. It'll print things like links and underline but won't actually print the text. I've checked the inks and also cleaned the nozzles but to no avail. Any help would be appreciated.

This is a photo printer. My regular printer will not print photos and if I am correct photo printers will not print regular documents. They are made for separate document types (ex. doc and jpeg). This is so the corporate winners can steal more money from the consumer. I am sure there are printers out there that do both, but your printer is specifically a photo printer. Ask a tech at Best Buy or Circuit City. Let me know what they say.

Cynthia Charczenko

I have to disagree with the previous solution. I have a P707 and it can certainly print word documents etc. I think the problem is with the print heads. If your last cartidge ran out and then sat around for a while before you replaced it, it may be that the ink has dried on the heads and blocked them. If you have not recently changed cartridge then I'm unsure -- but certainly, the P707 is not exclusively a photo printer -- it can take a black cartridge and run off that alone.