My pda is not working and i made a hard reset to my sgh i780 .i stuck in align screen

Im having the same problem and mine will not work at all!!!!!! Ive tried holding it down and everything I got this phone and i knew nothing about it , this happneed right out of the blew. I took it up to the place and they said that it had water damange and i just got the phone didnt have any problems or anything , So i returned the phone and got a new one and ive hadnt had any problems yet. i have also herd that getting a new screen on the phone helps but im not sure im older and i dont have experience with phones that much any ways.

that is not required ...actually...

try this
From the Start menu, tap Settings → System tab → Hard
Reset → Hard Reset. Enter “yes” in the input field and tap

sometimes it takes few times to finish(3-5).

It may happen that despite you have restored your mobile to factory setting, the error still exist. In this case, it is recommended that you opt for Hard reset
•Enter the code: *#7370# and press Yes to confirm initialization.
•Important Notice: It is recommended that you save all important information on your phone (e.g: memo, contacts etc)
•To make a Hard Reset on a Nokia phone that is not willing to turn on, just press simultaneously these 3 buttons:
•on/off + * + 3
•Before making a Hard reset better backup all your important information: contacts , memo...etc


If your Touch screen has failed, then the only thing you can do at this point is to get a replacement for the phone.

You can call AT&T's Warranty Line at 1-800-801-1101 and explain the issue. The will ship you another device - but be aware that it'll likely be a refurbished phone.

Hi, I think that BB email solution is not compatible with your device as BB email is designed for RIM devices. There was support for Nokias earlier devices (E71,E51 etc) but is no longer available. i780 is an WM device so email client is very good,all what you need is a data plan and set up email with built in email client,which support almost all email providers (yahoo,gmail,hotmail,topmail...)