Why is sharp AM400 not printing?

It scans and photocopies, but does not print

Hello, Please check out the following website and see if you can find your error code:  http://www.copier-help.com/copier-help/
Hope this helps. Good luck

pl check this link

There arent any drivers for AM-400 and vista!
AM-400 are only working whit XP, Milleniun and Win2000


This machine can only scan across a network when the Sharp network box is installed and 512mb extra memory is installed in the copier

I did (several times), but it still doesn't work. It appears that the problem arises from the fact that I use a Tablet PC and the Tablet PC version of Windows XP. I tried printing/scanning from a regular laptop and it worked fine. Are there any known issues with Tablet PC and Sharp AL-1642CS?

Question too vague , is there any error messages or lights , or anything??