I tried to enable the change from fractions to decimals on a casio fx-83ES by pressing shift then mode then 2:LinelO but now i just get a tipped over L so im wondering how to revert the button with the 2 squares and a line between them back to its former glory. Plus it would help if you could direct me on the correct way of changing fractions into decimals. Thanks.

Well, you cannot have them both at the same time. The calculator has two input/output modes: The MathIO and the LineIO (the old one). In MathIO you have textbook display. Expressions are entered and displayed as they appear in textbooks. In the LineIO mode expressions are entered on a single line (the old way).
You have to choose which one you want, because you cannot have them both enforced at the same time.

I suggest you use the natural display (textbook). After a result is displayed, you can press the [SD]
key and the result will be converted to a decimal number.
You can also press [SHIFT][=] instead of [=] to force the display to be in decimal format.