How to hard reset samsung sgh-a817

Lock out cant remmber passcode

Hi, You may contact to your service provider Samsung SGH-720 Unlock Code, they can open up all networks for you where you want to use your phone. You may visit Samsung Unlock Code site, they will provide you a code fast with easy to follow instructions on how to unlock your phone. Once your phone is unlock, it will work with any networks worldwide.
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i have looked myself out of my mobile

the only way to do it is put the password in too many times till it blockes then call at and t or whatever you are with and they will give you a puk code then you will enter that and after it asks for your new code it is the only way buddy and a good idea would be to right the puk code on the battery or something for future refrence if your too scared to block it then call for your puk code first just say you have put your code in too many times and it has blocked

Hard Reset - This process will reset the setting as well as erase all your personal data and downloaded content.

If you forgot you can generate master code using your IMEI, which can be viewed by pressing *#06# and keying that in the link mentioned below,,

Get the unlock code for your Samsung SGH-A187 model mobile here, it gives the easy instructions for getting the unlock code for your mobile at a safe way.........