Ms 1745 mother board won't power up

This isn't much of a solution, but I can tell you one thing. If the mother board smells like ozone, it's fried. Sometimes you can see where by comparing the clarity of the circuit routes. Sorry if this isn't much help,but if the board is no good then searching for a fix is pointless. GOOD LUCK. Hope it's something less severe.

Here's a link to the support page for your board. You can download the User's Manual from there.

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Please try below link

MS-7145 Mother board

check whether motherboard has inbuilt speaker or speaker connected externally.
Externally means check the proper connection is given for the speaker.
If speaker is connected externally in proper manner still no beep means problem is in the external spaeker

KT4V link:  3GB Ram Max∏_no=505

  MS 6712 is a design compliant number.KT3V, KT4v,KT4AV are all MS 6712 compliant: