Which jacks to wire the subwoofer to?

Do I wire the subwoofer to the suround jacks?


Since you didn't mention what specific hardware we're dealing with...

usually there's either an amplified channel marked for LFE or Subwoofer that would connect directoly to a subwoofer or there's a single RCA jack for same that would go to the input of an amplified subwoofer.

Your receiver should have an RCA connector on the back panel that will be marked "sub woofer" or "LFE out". That connects to your sub woofer with a standard RCA type cable. Also, some powered subs have left and right speaker level inputs and outputs in which you would indeed run the sub woofer through the speaker outputs. The down side of that type of connection is that the line level converter inside the sub woofer will take a slight amount of your receiver's output power, although that is rarely detectable. Also, if you have a Dolby Digital receiver, using this connection method will take away systems ability to accurately control the low frequency effects of a soundtrack.

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