I have a Swift Binocular Model 880. My son left the upper light on for 2 months. Of course the upper light does not work, however the light below the stage works just fine. I ordered a new bulb, however still no working upper light. Any suggestions? The transformer works just fine with the Stage light.

Well then ?

It sounds like you do have a pre-tension problem, and if the fine focus is slowly turning as the stage desends, that is where your problem is. If you could tell me make and model, fixing it should be no problem.


If you have 120VAC on the center contact of the light socket, and a working fan, but the bulb won't light...the most likely cause would be a disconnected neutral wire (white) in the light wiring inside the hood....assuming everything else is wired correctly.

If you're comfortable with further electrical testing...let me know, and I can describe a detailed procedure to check the status of the neutral wire. Otherwise, you may need the assistance of someone familiar with electrical troubleshooting or appliance repair.

I think your problem lies in the way the stage is limited upwards. On top of the stage, right behind it where it slides against the arm, there should be a little screw.  This screw limits the movement of the stage to a certain point upwards.  If the limit exceeds the adjustment gear and its opposing track, then the stage just goes up one notch and then it clunks down.  If you screw it down the stage is limited further down, if you screw it up it's limited a bit higher.  The point of this screw is to prevent objective and slide damage.  Try adjusting this little screw a bit further down and see if it still 'clunks' when you turn it up.  After that we may work on properly adjusting it.  If not, please post again with whatever detail you can provide to aid you with this problem further.

hello the problem your having with the blower motor sound like the blower itself the brushes could be worn out causing the extra load on the blower resistor you may need to have a blower motor installed hopefully you won't need the resistor hope this helps you


Nano 3 rd generation is not compatible with the JBL on stage dock , you need to buy compatible dock to listen to music or if brought this you can get it exchanged to another dock which is compatible with the nano 3 rd gen..........

good luck...................