What does L 1 mean on my Sharp AL-1540CS Also E 7. Help.

I believe if you register your product with Sharp on their USA website you will be provided access to manuals and drivers for your printer.

Go here to register your product.

The files do not seem to be accessible without registering.

The L1 is for a scanner movement failure. The scanner bar that maoves back and forth under the glass is not moving as it should. The E7 is for a scanner lamp reference failure which CAN be caused by the scanner movement failure so I would try and resolve the L1 first. I have a tip posted here at Fixya that resolves the L1 so try that first and it may fix both problems. If not just comment on this and I will try and help you resolve any remaining issues.
Here is the link to the L1 solution:

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For future H 4 was sokved by calling Sharp at1-630-376-3590

Solution press the C (copy) button and then the Auto button quickly two times, if it does not clear the first time try doing it until the digital screen goes blank, then put in 1 copy find something to print and hit copy button. It should be okay after that.


Manual says F5 as copy lamp lightning abnormality.
Never had on AR series Sharp machines this trouble,but remember on old Canon NP 6016 when lamp was bad -no dark ends and low intensity of lightning but intensity too high.This machine was equiped with doc feeder and customer performed a lot of copies from glass only and I think he was damaged lamp when close the doc feeder.
the fluorescent type lamp was used on this Canon-Sharp uses Xenon lamp (I think),but they could be very common in construction (tube with electrodes on ends and gass inside)
This fault is very difficult to troubleshoot-try another lamp first,next sensor from good working machine.