Lights go off and on

Ok lets reword my problem I open the door and the lights come on, then seconds later they go off and then seconds later they come back on and if they don't and you open the bottom freezer and slam the door they go on again, they act this way weather you open top doors or the freezer door, sometimes it doesn't happen at all. also when this happens the temp read out goes out also. is there some silly modular for the lights and if so where is it on my LG French door fridg? thanks againt.

Your sensor sw is deff call for a tech to replaced

that is the auto defrost fan working,nothing to worry about.

hopefully you looked out back ...rear lower panel and checked little white condenser fan really needs too to keep temp stable across the condenser coils and no overheat condition to the compressor.hopefully you wont need the $300 circuit board like I just bought

peah, I had a couple of these tanks leak. I think they had an issue with this. The last one I had they had a kit where the substitued coiled tubing with 2 john guest fittings to replace the tank. This solved the problem. The part number I have for the tank is 4838jj1003a, you can get it at for 17.95. I don't know if they will send you the tank or kit. You can inquire. back.