Whirlpool ART 804/G/WP - freezer keeps completely

Whirlpool ART 804/G/WP - freezer keeps completely freezing up and fridge part also freezes. there is a thermostat in fridge goin 1, 1.5, 2 through to 5 and a switch that when flicked has an orange led light come on. but with no manual not sure what is what! id thermostat for fridge or freezer? what is the orange switch for? how can i get a manual?

Check the freezer back wall for snow or frost.If it's there you have a defrost problem.

you know where you adjust the temperature of your fridge. its a knob with a line that increase in thickness. or it may have numbers written on it. before you replace it. try adjusting that knob to set it to a higher temp. please if your taking the covers off the replace thermostat,, please turn the power off first.

fast freeze, switch the f/f button off and see if the light goes out!!!

Check rear wall of freezer by feel for frost. Heavy, even frost indicates likely problem in the defrost system. Unplug unit. Defrost heater (in freezer behind rear wall panel), defrost thermostat (same area-must be checked at freezer temperature) or Defrost timer-located lower back outside of unit. Near compressor. Do continuity test on heater and defrost thermostat and if they show continuity (good), replace defrost timer. If not, replace the one that tests bad.

Defrost coils fully. Reassemble.

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Refrigerator will work about 7-10 days after being defrosted until thick frost builds up again cutting off air flow to both compartments

thius suggests the defrost system not working and the defrost drain blocked. take off the back panel inside the freezer, melt off excessive ice and free the drain at the bottom with hot water and patience