Sharp aquos won't turn on

Hello - I just opened a new Sharp TV - LC 22SB280UT. When I hit the power button the green light comes on, and I see a setup screen for a fraction of a second. The screen goes black with no response. I've tried powering it on through the button on the TV and with the remote. I've tried powering it on with an HDMI cable hooked in and an RCA cable hooked it. I've tried powering it up with the plug in different outlets with no luck. Any thoughts?

If it was a new tv you can ask the supplier for check up it was covered with warranty.

Look for the fault in power supply board. First check the fuse and replace it if burned. Then it could be a Voltage Regulator chip(s) burned (they look like transistor with 3 pins). You can test it with multimeter, they could have different pin outs, but generally it should read around 5 MOhms in 2 sets of 2 pins. Or it could be bad capacitors, look for swallen or domed capacitors; measure them with capacitance meter, sometimes they dry out with time. Or it could be other parts in power supply.

try accessing tv through the remote control.