Sharp UX105

I recently changed my services to vonage and added a fax line with new number and I thought I cleaned up all the original phone numbers on the fax and now my problem is I think I could send a fax out but when someone is sending me a fax all that happens is the fax phone just keeps on ringing and I preset the fax to 2 rings and I am totally confused ,has anyone have any suggestions on how I can cure this problem. I also went to Vonage to the help section and was no help at all. Thanks Ray

I just have one thought. You may have accidentaly turned off the auto recieve function. This is normally a program function on the display panel. Make sure it is set for auto recieve. Thats all I can think of.

I lost the manual of the SHARP UX-105 and can't make copies. I pressed copy when the page to copy was in but no copy was made.