Problem with stk's & low olm resistors on 55 in. Sharp

I replaced my stk's on my 55 inch sharp projection tv.One month later the tv is doing the same as before I changed the stk's(blinking view timer).I did not check the low olm resistors,I am not sure how to check them.Can you check them while they are on the board or do they need to be removed from the board to check resistance?And are the low olm resistors that affect the stk's only on the board the stk's are on?I suppose I will need to replace the stk's again,don't you think?I realy appriciate all your help.

It's always best to remove one leg, however there tolerance is so close you should be able to get an exact ohm reading, and I mean exact. Some are connected in parallel so if they're 6.8 ohm then you'll read 3.4. What is the number of the STK's you changed?
Yes, I would replace them again.