Is it my Power Board?

I have a Polaroid 373b LCD. I would like to send the Power Board to you and let you repair it. Let me first tell you that I had the typical 2 year problems. I replaced the capacitors with two 35v 1000uf ones. It worked great for about two months. Then while using my shopvac in a plug nearby, the tv lost power. I didn't replace the white plastic protector behind the board and noticed an arc spot. Also the fuse in the power plug was blown I replaced the fuse with 3amp 250v fuse and was able to restore power but no picture. I have since replaced the plastic shield. I have a red LED on the front that turns blue when power ON. There is also a subtle screeching sound from the power board that gets louder when power ON. This blue light/ power on/ loud screech last for about 5sec, then total power loss. This process can be repeated. Also, the caplacitors still look fine -- no bubble out. Please help. I don't know what to do now. One more thing. When checking voltage, I get 120v to board, 70v to all radiators except for the long one which only gives 30v. Thank so much. Jonathan Moeller

I repair power supplies for these LCDs. If you need further assistance you can write to [email protected]