No power at all :(

Our Whirlpool oven has suddenly stopped working. It has no power to it at all. The display, oven, grill do not work. The only thing we can think of is that the problem coincided about the same time as a pan of water boiling over on the hob which is directly above it. It didn't trip the switch. Could this water have reached the oven? Any ideas of what to check?

the display board itself would be the culprit,the part might be under warranty,if under 5 years consult manual or manufacturer for coverage....the part is probably expensive

Atlanta...sounds like you may have a power supply problem or the panel is bad. Cut the power, open the unit up and see if there is a fuse in there or a reset. No good? Then replace the circuit board. They just, well, die sometime. Happened to my microwave. Some units may be available remanufactured. Look around on the web.

Press the botton between the two control knobs and hold for a few seconds.

Sounds like either you tripped the 220 breaker in your household electric panel, or a fuse located on the oven's control board. (service man)

I fixed my problem by disconnecting the control board, cleaning all the contact points (including the ribbon cable) with alcohol and reconnecting everything as tight as possible.
I did notice that one of the contacts had become very corroded, so I scrubbed this one for a while. Prior to this I had done some selective unplugging and replugging (ribbon cable in particular) to no avail (each of these attempts powered on to beeping and no display).
Not a fancy solution, but it did work!

If the fan is still working ,then you need a new oven element fitting, it will have blown, there by causing trip to operate.
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