Sharp Aquos turns itself off

My Sharp Aquos 37" LCD has been experiencing a problem where it turns itself off and back on at seemingly random times. Sometimes the tv will turn off and on several times and then the problem stops. Other times the tv will cycle on and off (several seconds to about a minute intervals) several times before the tv stays off. When this happens, the "Power" and "OPC" lights will be flashing in tandem. When the tv turns itself off and is in this state, the remote control has no effect and the power button on the tv has no effect. The only short-term fix I've found is to unplug the tv and plug it back in.

I'm hoping this is an easy fix because it's a particularly frustrating problem with a brand new tv.



My 60" aquios is shutting off by itself also and the menu buttons on the tv itself do not work all the time.... Ill let you know what i find

My LC-42sb45u was powering on and off at random. No blown capacitors, Sharp support walked me through resetting it, nothing. Before scrapping it, I decided to take the manual power buttons (on the right side on this model) and the small circuit plate beneath out completely.
Now I have to use the remote to turn it on or off and input, volume and channels, but I always did anyway. The problem was the cheap manual buttons on the unit itself.
Haven't had an issue in six months.

My LC37D6U had this problem, thought that I was going **** at first, came to find out that there was a firmware issue with the system. I got ahold of the updates for my particular system and just applied them. ** issues turning on and off now, just the sound going dead after 18 months.

My 26" Aqous had the same problem as you all describe, it went to a authorized repair center and deemed the power supply was bad, Sharp paid for it to be fixed and within 6 months was doing it again. Naturally at this time it was out of warranty so my LCD which has less than 10 ( Yes I said Ten Hours use on it) had to be repaired again, this time at my expense. I shipped it back to the factory ( $25 shipping each way plus 75.00 for diagnosis) where they confirmed the power supply was bad and refused to cover any of the cost. The repair cost was around 450.00 for a virtually brand new set... I refused to pay and had them send it back figuring i would replace the power supply myself, which is a very easy thing to do if you can find a replacement power supply for it. ( Not happening, no one has them for under $450.00. Long story short, I found a company in Texas that repairs power supplies and had a long talk with the owner, he assured me that they could certainly fix the problem once and for all. Here I go again, pack it up and ship it to Texas, within a week they called me to tell me it was diagnosed and repaired. This time the cost is $250.00, I approved the repair and have had it running non stop for the past flawless. This company is awesome to deal with and I highly recomend them over the factory service center. They told me the factory used a marginally acceptable rectifier and and some other components that they upgraded to high quality and assured me i will not have any future problems with this set.

Here's the company and name of the owner...give them a try, you wont be disappointed.
Brian Hill = Owner
972) 620-9711

It sounds like both of these have power supply problems ( not un-common). Capacitors in the power supply have been an issue with us techs. Not a problem for us but for the customer, a nice repair bill if not under warranty.

How many times per second does the POWER led blink? (dont worry about the OPC).

1x per second (constant, steady blink) = bad inverter/lamps
2x per second = bad power supply
3x per second = bad main board

You can buy the parts online and fix if yourself!!

I have the Sharp 70LE845U, and it turns off and on at intermittent times. I had the internal power supply replaced three weeks ago, and it did it again a couple of days ago. I have another service call in. This seems to be a common problem among owners from what I've found on the net. Frustrating. Could this be a design issue? I really like the TV other than this issue.

We have an older (4 1/2 years) model sharp aquos 30'. It started turning itself off and a week later never turned on again. TV repair wants 400 bucks to replace the mother board! Is this normal? Seems a little high to us. Any advice?

Check the software updates...can either download and use thumbdrive or connect tv to 60 inch kept cutting off...after we went to website, put software update on thumbdrive, plugged thumb drive into tv and ran the software update, problem was cleared up....(this actually also worked on a relative's tv to solve a different perplexing problem where the MENU screen kept coming up on its own