Functional Problem SC321-00

Help please,
We have a Ricoh 350e. It showed initially a SC320-00 functional problem and after turning the machine off and on again and once "ready" and after pressing the copy button it outputs a paper but without print. I also observed that the copy lamp on the scanner does not move to scan the document. I have opened the polygon motor assembly and tried to reset all the connectors there. The error code comes back after pressing the copy button.


The sc320 code would indicate that the polygon motor should be replaced. when you turn on the machine, the normal high pitch buzz will not be there the motor is not spinning up. that's the reason for the blank copies.

the sc321 code is a "no laser writing signal (f-gate) error". which would caused by the polygon motor not spinning.

replace the polygon motor.

What is the actual code. Your heading says '321', then you list "320"?
"320" is the polygon (laser motor) that is defective. "321" is more likely the BICU board.
Could simply require the LD pitch adjustment be performed, depending on what else you have done. Do both the 400dpi, and 600 dpi. initial setting
SP 2109-3 (400 DPI)
SP 2109-4 (600 DPI)