Canon imageRunner 105

I have an error code of E000542-001 what is this and how can I fix and reset the unit?

Hello PE. I will tell you what the code means and although we can reset the code, if the PROBLEM still exists I am afraid the code will of course return when the copier performs a diagnostic. By telling you the reason for the failure perhaps you can fix the problem and therefore MR. COPIER wont be pissed. :-) This code means that the paper supply referred to as tray "B" has a problem.The lift motor for that paper supply could not (or the copier believes it could not) successfully lift the paper to the correct paper heighth required to feed the paper. This explanation may help you correct the problem.Now to clear the code. On the operator control panel next to the nine key pad is a button that says "additional functions". That button will be part of a 3 step process. Press the the additional function button>>>> next press the numbers 2 and 8 together at the same time>>>> then back to additional functions button.This is a 1,2,3 process that should be executed in a smooth but timely fashion. This will bring up a new window on the screen. Ther will be several "blocks" on the screen and one will say COPIER. Press copier.Then a new screen appears with several tabs across the top. One of those tabs will say FUNCTION. Press function.The screen will be filled with an assortment of blocks and one will say CLEAR. Press clear, and a new set of blocks will appear.One of the new set will say ERR. Press err and then in the lower right hand corner you will say a block saying "OK". Press ok. Now unplug the machine and wait a few seconds and plug it back in.You WILL have successfully erased the error code and the machine will perform its power on diagnostic as if nothing was ever wrong. However if the problem still exists the copier will see it and the code will return. If it does, you can perform the process again but this time pull tray "B" out so the copier cannot run a diagnostic on it. This is merely a workaround and will allow you to use the copier and its remaining paper supplies. As to what specifically the problem with paper tray "B" is could be several things, all of which would require a tech to come out. I must assume that is what you are trying to avoid (as would I ....$$$$$) I hope this helps you and I wish you the best. SPINAL