MW512 Fisher & Paykel Washer Machine...Where is the lint filter located?

I have a Fisher & Paykel Washing Machine (MW512) Model. It is now 5yrs old in good condition...only i cannot find the lint filter...the machine gets black on the inside of the bowl where the powder goes in, i have to clean this every 6 months. I have lost my instructions booklet & am unable fix the problem.

Fisher & Paykel washers do not have lint filters inside the tubs as they are designed to drain away any debris from the wash during the drain cycle.

ok, try this before you consider removing the bowl. 1st-- buy 2 pkts of bicarb of soda. 2nd---make sure machine has no clothes in it. 3rd-- empty the 2 pkts of bicarb of soda into the bowl. 4th-- select traditional wash mode , high water level, hot water fill. 5th-- push start. 6th-- let it fill and wash for about 5 to 10 min, then turn the machine off. DO NOT LET THE WASH CYCLE GET TO THE DRAIN OUT STAGE. ok now the machine is full water and bicarb of soda and turned off, LEAVE IT TILL THE NEXT MORNING.-- In the morning select traditional wash mode, high water level, hot fill , then push the start button. let it go thru the complete cycle and all the lint and dirt should be removed from the bowl. by the way once it has started to wash lift the lid and see if the agitator is working. good luck and please reply to tell me how you got on.


Thank you to the gentleman who sent us the Manual.  We now know that F & P has an automatic Lint Filter which is pretty useless !!  Oh, for the old method of a physical filter you can clean...

If you can indicate which lights are displayed when the machine is beeping,that gives one the fault code to be able to tell what the fault is!!

Fisher & Paykel machines don't have a lint filter.
Manual cleaning of agitator and s/steel bowl will make your washing cleaner.