Maytag MFX2570AEM5 Ice maker not working no water entering ice maker

Ice maker just stopped making ice, I removed the complete ice maker it was dry. No water being cycled into the ice maker. I removed the ice maker water solenoid and applied 110vac to it. It energized fine and I was able to blow air through it just fine while energized. I blew air through the line to the ice maker from the solenoid water connector. Water is available at the input since the front water is available. I also removed the filter and installed the bypass. I am assuming the control board in back but before spending the money to purchase and install it myself, I wanted some suggestions.

But you still have not verified that the hose is not kinked from the internal T where the water splits between the front water and ice maker. When you said you removed the solenoid, the water should have been pouring out. Seems to me a blockage between the T and the solenoid.