Fisher & Paykel top loader washing machine self cleaning mode

My machine keeps telling me that it needs to be cleaned but I can't find out on the panel how to do this and I can't find my manual.

Wonder if it means the agitator is full of lint? to remove agitator, put your hand/arm down center of agitator and unscrew the white plastic knob. Agitator lifts off. Mine is always clogged with lint and crud.


I have 46 solar panels which is a 9.2 kwh pv system which feeds 3 sunpower solar inverters which are the 3200 series. Of the three inverters, one constantly goes out for about 4-6 hours from 10-4 in the afternoon. I have worked with my installer who is certified electrician for 35 years with 30 years of solar installation experience and the local utility to troubleshoot the situation. Here is what we know. 1. I have a surge in electricity generating from the utility to the home which above the 240 volts, ranging from 250 to 256. Though high, according to both utility and inverter manufacturer not high enough to warrant shutoff. 2. The only time the inverters go out is full sun. 3. During the summer solar inverters function fully without shutting down, only after the weather cools down do they go out. 4. During the summer the voltage to my property drops but only to 248 possibly enough for the system to function but again the tolerance levels for the inverters are in 265v range before shutoff. The only things that I can figure out is that the inverter is not truly rated as they say or I maybe the utility at the their substation has an issue controlling the flow of electricity with spikes occurring down the line .The solar installer checked and rechecked installation for loose wires, pv output levels, and all connections. Everything checked out. He further took and split the inverter pv loads by halving to see if there was issue there. Inverters worked well except until they were hooked again to full levels. What we have done to correct the situation. 1. Replaced inverter. 2. Replaced line into my building from street. 3. Replaced the transformer that is feeding current to my building to a different transformer If you have a different idea, it would be much appreciated because I can't seem to figure this out..