Fisher Paykel GWL 11 has been running fine till a few days ago. Now only hot water even on a cold water setting. Is it the control panel or the cold water inlet valve or some blockage?

you can swap the hot and cold valves over and see if this fixes the problem as it sound like your cold valve is faulty but not the hot valve.


Check your inlet valve make sure it working ok

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If you cannot see the water leaking from the inlet valves, check the seal just above the water pump located directly under the drum. I am in the midst of awaiting parts to fix this very thing on my FP GWL11. This leak is dripping water directly onto the motor, causing it to trip the circuit breaker during drain/spin cycles.

Note... I have also had to have the inlet valve assembly replaced as well as it was not opening to allow cold water to mix with the hot.

Hope this helps.

Look at my issue "eco smart won't drain, smells hot". Mine is top load.

If you see puddle on floor and eventually won't run at all and smell electric burn motor, it could be same issue I had.

Unplug washer. Tip washer back. If you see water dripping through the black motor area, you need to remove the black motor and the white plastic unit above it. Look for a white plastic clip that is attached to bottom of washing machine. Push that clip with your finger and twist the whole plastic unit/black motor. It all comes off in one piece.

Look on side of this unit and you will see 120V or 240V. Mine is GWL10US and is older model. Was told by repairman that new units use 120V. That is what you need to order. It comes as one piece and you just twist it back on. I had done most of this. Repairman came and 5 seconds cost me $65.

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