Error code 130 & 240 how do i fix this - Fisher and Paykel Fisher Paykel Intuitive Eco Washer IWL15

The fault codes 130 and 240 are pertaining to a Rotor Position Sensor problem. It is the part located wedged into the motor stator and it's sole function is the detection of motor functions particularly the rotor as the name suggests. The problem can be a simple loose wire harness or a damaged Rotor Position Sensor.

Unplug the machine. Tape the lid closed then lay the machine's front on a padded floor. Remove the single bolt holding the "plate-like" rotor to the shaft to access the Rotor Position Sensor. Once the rotor is off, check the contacts on the Rotor Position Sensor end of the wire harness to see if any have been damaged. Each set of contacts in the socket has two wipers. If the distance between these wipers varies between different contacts, replace the Rotor Position Sensor harness. Consider replacing the Rotor Position Sensor if no issue is found with the harness and the connectors.

Had the same problem cleaned the terminals worked for a bit and came back. The problem is that the little circit board that the plug goes onto that sits between the winding of the motor the copper tracks are so small and they corrode. If you are handly with a solding iron you can replace the tracks with small wire, its mainly on one leg of each of the transistors that are all parrelled up. You can tell because it goes black. Or the easy way just take off the motor unpluging the sense plug then the three main power connectors Yellow, blue and red making sure you mark the correct order to put them back on. The sensor board just pulls out of the windings with a little arrow to but it back in the right place and buy the small board it has the part number on it to find it on the web. I only has three bits on it can't be expensive. Soldered mine up works a treat make sur you clean up the plug aswell, it mainly played up in humid weather.

Rotary position sensor fault. underneath the machine. Unbolt plastic cover with 16mm socket all of the plastic will come off. Undo four 10mm bolts around shaft. Pull off the big round thingy with cooper wire on it carefully. The purple wire is connected to the sensor which looks like a computer card and fits between the copper things ,pull up the sensor carefully and unpug the connection clean off the blue stuff on contacts,use electrical spray cleaner. Put back together in reverse.
Comments: Aug 03, 2009 - if it still doesnt work reset the machine by turning it off at the wall and waiting 2mins and start again. If that doesnt work the sensor may need replacing.