F-24 error, beeping after use - Thermador C302US

Affter use it beeps and beeps and displays error code F-24. Technition says F-24 is bot in the manual and we have to replace all boards. Is there a more precise answer?

ONE reason is due to the excessive heat rising up and hitting the control (touch) panel when you open the door. The panel thinks it is being "touched" by the user and too many pads are touched at the same time. This throws the unit into a fault code. The panel will need to be replaced for this reason of F24.
ANOTHER thing that can cause an f24 when doing normal baking is residue on the touch panel. Clean it off otherwise the panel thinks you are holding down you finger on a pad.
ANOTHER cause can be door hinges that don't allow the door to fully close. Again this usually occurs when there is residue on the panel and will cause the same situation as mentioned above.
In most cases, if the error code recurs after cleaning the panel, the touch pad will have to be replaced. Unfortunately, at this time they are NLA.

Error code f24 oven shuts down while baking if i open the door and beeps continuously