F&P Smart drive 9

Once I have turned it on, it starts to fill for around 10seconds, then stops, starts again for around 5seconds, then stops again...starts again then stops,then just beeps at me, I have tried advancing to the spin cycle, but same things happens in any stage of the cycle, Have turned machine off and then started again, but still no luck, love to be able to fix this myself if possible Thank you :-)

I had the same problem.

You probably only have cold water connected and you need to "program" it for cold water only.

By default it expects both cold and hot water connected and even though you can select "cold" it will still error if not hot water supply is present.

Call Fisher & Paykel customer care and they will tell you how to re-code it for cold only.

I have the same problem but it has both hot and cold water setup and has done for years. This problem occurs on any setting; size, temp, speed. no luck here either