F24 fault code

Dryer was shutting off too early. No codes showing. Repairman charged us $90 to say they couldn't find anything wrong with it. Looked online and Was told to replace the thermistor and we decided to replace the sensor bars as well. When done installing we ran dryer. The clothes seemed hotter and more permanently wrinkled. Just didn't seem right. Husband noticed a red connector unplugged towards the front. It must have gotten disconnected when we had taken it apart during repair. I ran diagnostics to just check and it shows f24 fault code. It says inlet thermistor is open or short. Looking at paper and diagram it certainly shows that the loose connector needs to be plugged in there so we plugged it back into the inlet thermistor. But I'm still getting the code. Any ideas what I should do next?

I dont know about F24 but the book lists normal codes. Trouble is there are other codes as well.

On another make I recently encountered an unlisted fault code. I had a good laugh with the manufacturer when it was listed on the latest documents as "other faults" !

By aware that there are three common faults on your model which could be present in single or multiple combinations.

1. Diverter sometimes fails to move, can give heating instead of hot water.

2. APS sometimes fails to operate and boiler may not fire up.

3. Hot water heat exchanger may be partially blocked by dirt from a system that has not been properly treated.