Our F&P dishwasher draw is starting to turn off at 56 minutes each time we use it. We have to push the start/pause button to resume wash cycle. What is causing this to happen. We have no leaks at this time and are not experiencing any faults coming up.

on the hinge slide there is a micro switch the draw needs to be removed to locate it.

Feel water temperature when dishwasher stops. it is likely the heater is faulty. Does this happen in the cold water wash cycles?

disconnet power to unit....circuit breaker...wait 30 minutes....try again

Does it show a fault code? eg F4?

Have you checked whether you are getting the water supply to the dishwasher. Check if there is no kink in the water hose.

If no problem with water supply then check the water pressure rating is OK for the dishwasher.

To put machine into test mode: Press and hold keylock, then press and hold start button. Hold both in until machine beeps (if you have display, it will show all symbols). Press power button- display should now show HO. Press start button until LD shows in display- this tests lid motors. Activate lid motors by pressing keylock button- if you open drawer about 3 inches, you should see lid come down. Pressing keylock again will raise lid. Raise and lower lid several times by pressing keylock button to ensure lid is working properly- if not, lid motors need replacing. Good luck!!