Fisher and Paykel WL80T65D washing machine won't fill or spin

My Aquasmart WL80T65D washing machine, stopped during a spin cycle and started beeping every second with a red spanner light flashing. I followed the manuals instructions to turn the machine off for a minute and take the clothes out etc but no luck and now when I put it on wash it does not fill and if I put it on rinse or spin it sounds like it is trying to go but it can't pick speed up??

Hi just read your posting.Now when the red spanner light was flashing were there any other lights that were on.If there was then they will be in your cycle selection row.This row has 8 lights on it.Starting from left to right what lights were lit?Is it the 1st and 4th or the 3rd and 7th ---etc---?Please reply with additional information on the questions and I can help you rectify this problem.