Just had a power failure, power was off for about 12 hours. My Fisher & Paykel refridgerator now won't work, no lights inside, nor any noises when the power is turned back on. Any ideas?

Turned power back on at mains and reset tripped out fuse, but no sign of life in fridge when all turned on.

You are going to have to measure the line voltage to the refrigerator (@ the plugin). Seems to me you don't have power still if the light isn't even working.

Does it trips the house power directly you turn the refrigerator ON.If this is the case then its either fridge board problem,the board is getting short or the voltage of the socket has to be checked,to which the power cord of refrigerator is getting connected. --------------- But as you mentioned the beeping problem.This beeping is problem with most of the fisher and paykel model refrigerators.This problem is noticed due to the faulty fan in the fridge as well as freezer section.--------If the fan is getting short then it can cause the problem.--------Also the defrost element has to be checked.If its getting short then it will shut of the refrigerator.-------- The parts are available only from F& P service center. For service or repair of your Fisher & Paykel appliance, please call 1300 650 590 to arrange for a local service technician.Click this link directly for F& P SERVICE CENTER LOCATION:-- http://www.fisherpaykel.com/customercare/servicelocator/ ------------- This should help.Thanks.Helpmech.

Try the video on checking the F&P icemaker.

I had the same problem. The problem proved to be the defrosting element was faulty. The defrost is programmmed to activate every 12 hours or so, and if it does not happen the electronics detects any problem and sets the alarm. Replace the defrost element and everything is fine.

This is the main relay that is chattering and it can be due to the failrue of the relay if your compressor is cooling the fridge alright.
it will also be good to remove relay and check the contact, ,if bad replace. Also check the main capacitor of the motor and it can be faulty lead to poor starting and making the relay chattter..

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