Fisher and paykel DD605SS

The top dishwasher doesn't work and when we turn turn the dishwasher on ti makes the beeping sounds but somehow the bottom dishwasher works fine. when we turn the top one on then after about a minute it stops and starts to make the noise again and it continuous shows the lock. any help would be greatly appreciated The same thing happened with my Fisher and Paykel DD603 dishdrawer, however because I am in a small flat I only have the one drawer.

I have tried reseting it by holding down the three buttons, but it didn't help.
Occassionally the cycle will start after doing this - but will stop quarter or halfway through, the lights flashing and constant beeping.

I can talk you through finding the fault on live chat. cheers

the flood switch at the base of the dishwasher has been activated. This means moisture has gone into the base (under the drawer).

Turn power off, and extend drawer to expose bottom back of the base. Use towels / hair dryer etc to dry it out.

Likely causes are - you used a wrong detergent (too much foam) or the hoses at the back are leaking or the actuator arm that supports the hoses when you pull or push the drawer is broken and the hose is kinked.

Hope you can fix it.

You can get the manual below for free..

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dishes have white film glasses are foggy

I realize this is an older post but for information's sake in case someone happens across this subject, you can get the manual for a DD603 series dishdrawer here: