The machine stops at wash cycle every minute or so

I have a Fisher and Paykel 7.5 kg Smart Drive 708 (about 9 years old). A week ago it developed a fault that once I select wash, it senses (i.e., rotor moves) and start filling the water. After a minute or so the machine stops, start beeping (and the water temperature setting changes to cold - hot) and control panel selections blink. Then if a reset by pushing the pause button, the machines start again as normal and start filling the water but stops again in minutes or so (same episode as before). I can select rinse or spin and it will do the function normally but it does not complete the whole cycle automatically as it use to do before. (The wash cycle when the rotor spins for several minutes to wash the clothes seems not happening.

Please advise do I need to resent the control (if yes how) or if I need to do something substantial. If so is it worth getting this machine repaired or should I go for a new one.

Firstly, the model 708 is way more than 9 years old. More like 18 - 19 years old. There is 2 types of errors on a smartdrive. One is signalled by a single beep every second & the top row of lights will change. The 2nd is a rippling musical sound (like when you turn the power on at the wall) and some lights will be blinking. You need to tell us what sound it is and which lights are blinking or which of the top row lights are on (exactly, count from the right to left and which number is on & which is off) There is no such thing as a reset to do. Once I know the fault I can advise you what to do about it.

Take the lid off,just open it & pull it straight up.There should be a little red button that the lid strikes against unless its a different model,in that case it has a magnetic reed switch under the right hand side of the this red switch instead of closeing lid,see if it fill with no problem.the lid may not be making good contact with switch..if thats not it then it may be the inlet valve..then you can try the hot,if theres no problem with hot then its the cold valve.

Hi just read you posting.Could you please confirm the fault code for me.1st push and hold the WASH TEMPERATURE DOWN button then press the POWER button until the machine gives you 2 short beeps,then release both buttons.Now press the SPIN UP or DOWN button until the HOLD and SLOW SPIN LEDs are both on.Now the fault code will appear in the WASH PROGRESS lights.Please reply to confirm which lights are lit.Are they the same as your 1st posting?To get back to normal operation turn machine off at the power point.Looking forward to your reply.

my machine swiches on but wont let it fill with water.
Any ideas?

Read your user manual - but I would suggest that you may not have setup the balance properly. Check the level of the machine and adjust to be as square as possible by adjusting the feet at the bottom. If the water isnt coming in on both hot and cold sounds like a common problem - perhaps the water level sensor is playing up or something else has been knocked during transportation of the machine when you moved house. Check your user manual for troubleshooting. Sounds dumb, but check that 'delay start' isnt selected also. check both hoses filters are not blocked.

with no error code ... I would check you drain pump or drain hose... you first may want to try a shop vac connected to the end of a drain hose .. let me know if it helps