Bosch WFMC 3200 Front Load will not pump water out

I have a Bosch WFMC 3200 that will not pump out water. It beeped and flashed ER04 we took the front cover off, drained the water out, checked for debris, did not find anything. Tried putting washer on drain makes a humming noise. Tried putting it on spin makes same noise and will not pump out water.

The pump gears could be stripped or clogged with soap residue including the line from the pump to include the drain hose itself. I took the back of my machine off after cleaning the pump twice to find the reservoir full of a brown soap gunk/sludge. there is also a small rubber tube that runs from this reservoir back into the drum which was plugged shut with the same gunk. this thick soap residue can damage the pump motor or slow the drainage system to get the E 04 warning. I cleaned the gray drain hose out with the garden hose and was amazed at the sludge that game out. When the machine would run on the drain cycle we would also get a sewage smell that I thought was coming form the drain trap but turned out to be caused by the sludge in the pump. After cleaning the system and now using no more that a tablespoon of soap it works great & the cloths are clean.