Bosch Vision 300 washer wont agitate or spin... Worked OK just a couple of days ago and now just quit working all of a sudden

Im getting an error e13 message and don't know what to do

We had the same problem on a 7-yr. old WFK02401 washer that had been used daily for 7 years. Bosch's approved repair people quoted us $350 for installing a new motor. In fact, all it needed - knock wood - was new motor brushes, for which I paid all of $45, including shipping (or cheaper, if I'd ordered directly from Bosch.) To replace these requires a half-inch wrench and a bit of confidence and common sense. I won't go into all the details, here, except to say that you need to remove just two bolts, unattach the bundle of wires strapped to the motor housing, take out the motor, replace the brushes, and put back the motor. There may be a problem with one of the control modules in the machine - electronics that oversee the washing cycle and turn the motor and other items on and off during same - in which case you may want to find a repair person. I just learned that there is a circuit diagram pasted under the machine's top cover; it includes some resistance values (ohms) that can help with troubleshooting, I believe. Bosch's own repair/service people - third-parties, all of them - are not going to want to replace brushes; they make more money doing entire motors, I imagine. Also, they do not like it when a man watches them work or worse, when a woman (aka my wife) asks them smart questions. They are used to having their way with slightly intimidated and ignorant females - trust us, and pay us. But that's another story.

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Even if the pump is not working, then so long as there is no water in the washer, it should spin
If it does not, then I would suspect the motor brushes are worn out.
You need to remove the motor to check the brushes, if they are less than 2 or 3 mm long then they need replacing.
I do not think the washer you found is off the pump,more likely out of someones pocket.
Hope this helps with your problem.

The timer/controller is faulty.

Replacement is the only fix.

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