Fisher & Paykel GW612 beeps before spin.

I suspect I have an error code 42 (not the meaning of life).

The control panel has a group of 5 wash lights and three spin lights.

The pattern is 0x000 0x0 (Where x is on).

The machine got to this point and stopped - switching power off for a while does nothing - when powered on it just goes into the beep cycle. Pushing any button silences the beep but that is all. Tried to hold power down for > 60 seconds but this did not fix it.

If I push the pause button the lights go out - and the lid locked light comes on - but no lid lock noise.

I have a feeling it may be the lid solenoid but can anyone advise?


You have fault code 66 (01000010) Phase 6- Pressure Transducer (Ptx) Error - Frequency >90kHZ. In simple terms you need to replace the main "Motor Control Module" Cheers