Hi, My Fisher & Paykel GW612 washing machine is not spinning, just thumping back & forward, error code 40 on the lights tells Me to carry out a clutch disassembly procedure any help please !!!

I have no idea how to do this nor can I find a YouTube on it ? !!! Cheers, Steve.

Here is the instructions manual which contains the detailed diagnostic code explanations from p.33 on.


Inner spin bowl rises up when water level is high & disengages a clutch gear. When water drains out bowl settles back down and gear engages. Error 40 is saying that the gear has not locked in place and engaged. Remove lid, take out agitator. Under agitator is a cap held in place with 4 screws. Take out screws (do not drop them down through the slots in the bowl) Take off cap & gear underneath will slide up & off the shaft (gear will be tight to pull up due to soap build up.) Inspect gear for damage & clean out any dirt or obstruction. Re assemble and try wash cycle. If you still get the same fault you may have a faulty control board.

Hi there
That fault is the pump blocked error (no change in water level).
i have a quick and easy way to solve this problem.

first turn the machine off then tilt the machine back and lean it on something(a chair or wall), look underneath, in the top right hand corner of the plastic outer boul you will see a small pump motor it has a fan on it spin this fan and if it is hard to turn that means there is somthing stuck in the drain pump keep turning the fan and try to free whatever is stuck in the pump, then try the machine on spin again all goin well the object in the pump should come out with the drain water(doing this will not harm the machine) if the object is still stuck you will need to get the water out of the machine (bailing or siphioning will work) and tilt the machine back again and take the wires off the pump and there should be a white tab on the boul holding the pump on pull this tab and twist the pump anticlockwise about a quarter turn(you will need a few towels or a boul or bucket to catch the water) and it should come off exposing the blockage.
Hope this solves your Problem.


Hi just read your posting.The fault on your machine is called Single Rotor Position Sensor Error.The rotor sensor is attached to your motor which is located underneath the machine.Now the Error Code will come up on your machine because 1--The wiring to the Rotor Sensor is faulty. 2-- The rotor sensor itself is faulty or 3--- The motor controller, 'which is located under the top panel is faulty.Unfortunately to test the rotor sensor you need an RPS tester .This device will also check the wiring to the rotor sensor.If you have an electrical test meter I can guide you throe the testing of the wires to the rotor sensor but without the RPS tester you cant accurately test the rotor sensor.Some service techs I know just change the rotor sensor to see if that rectifies the fault but in your case you dont have a rotor sensor so even if you do purchase one and change it, the fault could be your Motor Controller.My best advice to you would be to borrow an electrical test meter if you do not have one and reply back and I can help you eliminate the Wiring as the cause of the fault,and then contact a service tech to find out if the fault is with the Rotor Sensor or the Motor Controller.But if the fault is with the wiring then I can guide you throe step by step to repair it.I hope this helps and please reply on how you got on or if you need further assistance.Good luck.