Fisher Paykel GWL10 Won't Advance to Rinse Cycle

Problem is that the machine occasionally (more and more lately) will get stuck at the end of the wash cycle and never advance to the spin cycle. It will squirt some water in the already full drum, agitate for a minute, and then repeat indefinitely (so much for all the water it saved). I had the diverter valve replaced a couple of years ago ($200 to replace a $30 part), but the machine at that time was dead in the water broken. The problem I have now was there before and after ther valve was replaced, and usually will not repeat if I advance to the end and start over. It almost seems like it doesn't know when the water level is correct, but I've tried different auto and manual settings and it makes no difference. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

I have a F & P GWL10 from 2001. I have replaced the Motor Control Module with a brand new one. Now the machine fills but will not agitate. It spins the tub slowly and continues to fill. Does not seem to recognize that it is time to wash. Anyone have a solution?