Not drain water


Check to see if the pump itself is operating. Does water run freely from the drain hose when it is lowered below the water level in the machine?

Your drain pump is probably dead. Advice: do not believe anyone who tells you that it is a pain to replace on BOSCH! I just did it myself in less than 45 minutes and thereby saved about $200.

You need to order the part-> go to the BOSCH website and identify the exact model and part number for your machine. I ordered mine from

The part arrived at my home this morning-it took 2 business days. I called to double check I had the right part and the CS person was very nice and helpful.

Then, beating the odds I did the following with just a pair of pliers and a screw driver:
1- unplug the washing machine (of course)
2- drain any water that could be left in it using the small black drain hose located behind the front bottom door (probably on the right)
3- lie your washing machine on its back-put a piece of wood long enough to cross the width of your machine and it will save your fingers- you will need some thigh and **** muscles as it is a little heavy (but I am a woman and did it without help)
4- remove the bottom front panel of your washer (2 screws)
5- remove the screw holding your pump (above the filter)
6- lying down on the floor, unplug the wires at the back of the pump"s motor
7- using your pliers loosen the braces that hold each of the 2 hoses, and slide them down along the hoses (easier this way)
8- take out the hoses- the pump will drop into your hand
9- place the new unit by screwing it to the front of the machine's casing
10- plug back the wires
11- reposition the hoses making sure that the braces are tightened around the hose + each of the 2 plastic tubes that stick from the pump
12- tilt your machine back up
13- plug your machine
14- you are ready for your first load adn have saved $200 :-)!

Try using a long handled babies bottle brush to clean out the rear of the dispenser and the tube leading down into the drum

This video will show you how to clean the pump and how to find the fault on a washing machine that won't drain or empty the water away on Bosch, Neff or Siemens. Please remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel for all appliance tutorials
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Something will be jamming the drain pump (no surprise there).
Some Bosch w/m's have a base plate, some don't.
Pull the w/m forward & tip it back against the wall at >45 degrees - should balance there easily. See if you can get underneath (inside).
If so, (power disconnected), remove the bottom kick plate area, and drop the drain pump back internally & down. Remove the wires & pipes (slowly, if there is still water to drain), and remove the pump. Dismantle it & remove the obstruction.

If there is a base plate, try for all hell to get the filter cap off.
Otherwise, you will have to put the w/m on its back, and unscrew the base plate (often, not an easy feat, as the screws are very still & jam).
Then follow above instructions.

The correct procedure for removing the filter is to unscrew it anti clockwise, and pull it out.
If it does not come out, then it is possible that there is something stuck in the filter, or the filter seal has swollen
As you unscrew it, try moving it from side to side at the same as you are pulling on it, then screw it back in again, and try the same procedure.
Hope this helps.