Manual for bosch washing machine wfl2063gb - Bosch WFL 2063 Front Load Washer

The back casing is secured by 6 screws some are Torx, remove the plate and you will see the motor..Good luck


Give this a try! This might be just what you're looking for, but unfortunately, there isn't a model number provided for the download.

If that doesn't give you what you're looking for, go to the link below and enter in your information and Bosch will contact you directly and should be able to provide a link for a downloadable (free) manual for your washer.

Another possible source, although I've not used them before is the following link. You'll need to provide your information for them to send you an email, but not sure if the provide free manuals, or charge a small fee for their service. There is no cost to at least enter in the search parameters to find out.

Hope you find this Very Helpful and best regards!

I have a user manual - swedish, Suomi, Norwidian and danish