My Bosch Exxcel 1200 wont drain and wont spin on normal cycle. It shows an F18 fault

Have removed filter cap and detached the outlet hose. No obvious blockages. Have removed inlet connection. Found a hair clip behind the ball ie in the bellows of rubber hose and some gunge. Tried it and still wont drain. Emptied machine manually and Impellor spins on drain mode when no water in it. does look like it is slightly loose when not turning(not sure if this is suppposed to be rigid on its shaft. Makes a clunking noise when trying to drain though that only apears to be there when filter cap is on and water in the machine. Any thoughts? Thanks S

Make sure that all the water has drained from the washer, if it has a filter, remove and clean, it is located behind a removable plastic panel at the front of the m/c, if it still does not spin, suggest you remove motor and check the brushes for wear, this is often the reason it won't spin, but will wash o/k.
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move the kicking plate on the front-bottom of the machine. You will see o circular lid there, turn it on anti-clockvise to open. All of the water blocked will come from there, be careful. Look carefully that there are some objects blocking the water draining. Then turn on the machine on draining programme, the plastic rotor should turn fastly when the machine is on. If it is not running, change the pump motor. If it is running, but machine is not draining again you can understand that there is an objeck stuck on the hose between drum and pump motor. Lay down the machine on its rear facade, you will see a large and black hose between drum and pump motor. When you remove it, you will see that there is something that blocks water running.

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Just had the same problem, after Much patience and persistence I found the blockage at the y piece that joins the pump to the outlet hose air trap towards the top of the machine LHS with the top and cover off.

It was clogged solid therefore no back pressure on the top little ball valve (between the air trap and the outlet) therefore no seal therefore norain therefore a drain-fault that persists regardless of a cleaned pump filter.

If hoses clear and filter not blocked, can only be pump fault

We had similar problem, with the spin cycle not working. We opened the 'drain' pipe (front-right bottom side). It was full of lime scale; never been opened for years. We cleaned it up and the spin cycle is now working.

It will not spin with water in.
See if you can locate a filter, and clean same.